A growing success for Çilek Gold exports

cilek gold prodotti

For the Turkish company Çilek Gold, 2017 confirmed an expanding trend, strengthening the growing progress in exports.

Enes Çilek and Osman Çilek, the company managers, expressed their immense satisfaction for the positive trend, underlining that the success is the result of the marketing policy implemented a few years ago, focused on expanding the market area abroad, passing through the strengthening of the domestic one.

Moreover, in 2018 has occurred major structural changes within the company that give new impetus to growth.

Çilek Gold was founded in 1972 and since then has increased the numbers of retailers of the various regions of Turkey; that’s because the final customers have proved to like very much Çilek Gold jewelry that is characterised by being modern but also it draws its inspiration from tradition.

In addition to Turkey, Çilek Gold exports to Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico, Austria, Kosovo and Dubai.

To see Çilek Gold products you can visit the web site: www.cilekgold.com